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Handmade carpets and rugs can be seen as a family heirloom that may be inherited over a few generations.  They make the most valuable gifts, and are collected with passion.  This is because it takes years of apprenticeship for these artisans to become masters in their field, and the intricate process of manufacturing them is a very long and complex one.  These antique pieces are then collected by art and rug enthusiasts all over the world.

We’ve rounded up the best carpets for you to inspire your own decorating project, ranging from traditional to the more modern look!  Keep reading to see which carpet will best suit your aesthetic.


Traditional style interiors are comforting and classic, and the best part about the world of traditional rugs is that there are so many options to choose from.  If your style is traditional, then the royal, beautiful carpets are truly the ones for you!  There is absolutely nothing that can rival the timeless beauty of these classic carpets.  The beautiful detail and expert craftsmanship showcase the rich history of the ancient craft.

With traditional carpets, your carpet is the centre of attention & there is no need for other fancy decorations with these royal detailed designs.  Try a minimalistic home decor theme with the traditional carpet as the centerpiece.

If your furniture includes floral fabrics, wooden items and /or minimalistic designs, these carpets will look right at home!  They were created with a different sense of color coordination and unique antique patterns that can not be seen nowadays.  The complex designs involve intricate detailing and bold yet simple colors.  Perfect for your home!


If you love modern and urban interiors decorated in chic style and colors then these carpets are for you!

These fancy rugs are a perfect example of the design and intent of modern art & a euphoric delight to gaze upon.  They will without a doubt brighten up any room they’re placed in.  They consist of timeless themes that have some modern elements to it.  These beautiful carpets would fit perfectly in your living rooms and bedrooms.  It is a safe choice as they pretty much go with anything!  These ingenious carpets incorporate many magical elements that exemplify the artistic achievement of our elite collection.  What makes them so unique are that they are seen as a fashion statement, comprising of the most unique color combinations & trending designs.  Be the envy of anyone who visits your home!


These carpets just speak modern and retro as they are the perfect cross between both.  The mixture of the modern with the vintage creates a unique and spectacular eye-catching design that is a must have for any home!  These ancient, elegant and artistic rugs are even more popular today.  If you are searching for a more formal look, these timeless and aesthetic pieces of art are the ones for you.  They are just excellent for enhancing a living space or bedroom & the best thing about them is that they will never go out of style!  They portray the unique vision of the artist and the creative ingenuity behind them is what makes these carpets so unique & breathtakingly beautiful.


These fancy eye-catching blend of colours boast of feminine accents.  The shabby chic rugs with their unique colour combination represent excitement and optimism.  They comprise of appealing combinations of vibrant red & pink, evoking elegance and sophistication.  The dazzling details make them aesthetic masterpieces, and they can be used for bedrooms or if you’re feeling creative - even in living rooms; pair them with a traditional rug in the living room to make a bold fashion statement!

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