The skill for creating blue pottery, also known as Kashi work, was introduced centuries ago by local artisans, whose craft derived influences from Persia, Central Asia and the Mongols. It is widely believed that Kashi works originates from Kashgar, a city in western China. But over a period of centuries, Kashi work in Multan developed its own unique, indigenous style. 

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Cultural CRAFTS

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Ajrak Collection

Relish the hues and blues of the traditional handmade Ajraks from the most skilful artisans.

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Featured Artisans

Malik Abdul Rehman

Camel Skin Naqash

Multan, Pakistan

Ustad Alam

Blue Pottery

Multan, Pakistan

Abdul Majeed Soomro

Block Printed Ajrak

Bhit Shah, Pakistan

Shakir Hussain

Metal Craft

Shiekhupura, Pakistan

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