Eid Gift Ideas
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Eid is meant to celebrate the beauty and purity of Ramadan, appreciating the fact that we all feel connected to God during this time. In order to do this, let’s spread smiles by exchanging presents with our friends and family, and let’s make them feel special, loved and appreciated. 

You don’t need a big budget to carry out this task, simple ideas can help you convey your affection and care. We’ve penned down some ideas to make it easier for you! 

Jewelry & Clothes

Jewelry and apparel are sometimes considered as cliché but that is because they always work! Giving someone a beautiful dress or a classy pair of earrings will surely bring a smile to their face. And the best thing is that the options here are unlimited, you can choose any exquisite piece here while empowering the local talent of Pakistan!



Artisans’ Crafts

There is no better present than a handmade craft for your loved ones. Each craft is one of a kind and reflects the skill and years of practice of an artisan which emphasizes the importance and uniqueness of them. In this era of technology and machinery, people look for and appreciate things that are handmade because they know how unique each artisan product is. 


Pashmina Shawls

It takes a village of Kashmiri women to create one pashmina, so intricate is the handiwork done on gossamer-thin threads of pure lamb wool. The motifs are inspired by the flowers adorning the plains of the valley and inspired its artisans to create autumn hues and spring blossoms on a dyed canvas of pashmina. A fully worked pashmina is a sight to behold and as intricate as a renaissance painting.

Pashmina Shawls


The environmentally friendly ancient craft Ajrak is a part of the Indus Valley Civilization. The process is highly complex, involving great precision & incredible artisan skills. Comprising of traditional patters & a modern colour combination, these unique designs have recently exploded in popularity because of their trendy taupe tones & neutral shades.


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