How to buy on Vceela?

Vceela is an online marketplace where you can buy handmade products directly from the artisans. All artisans on Vceela have their own shops where they display their handmade products. Following is the procedure for buyers to select and order handmade products on

Shop Icon

Step 1

Browse for your desired products and then add products you choose to your shopping cart by “clicking on add to cart” button. The products will be added to your shopping cart with the individual and cumulative cost shown of the selected products.

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Step 2

After selecting the items, click the “proceed to checkout button” and fill out your information form and place order. If you have any coupon, you can apply for discount by entering the coupon code. You can directly contact the shop owner in case you want to know about any other details about products or delivery methods through contacts given in the shop profile.

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Step 3

For any bespoke or out of stock products, contact directly with the shop owner and place your order and decide the time and price details.

Vceela Policy

Vceela is a social initiative that aims to uplift living standard of its associated artisans and artists. However, Vceela has zero tolerance regarding its policies related to child labour, enforce labour and modern slavery laws.

Vceela works with the only sellers who comply with its policies. We make sure that all the workers working in our sellers premises are of age 18 or above. Similarly we make sure that that all sellers and their workers are working with their willing, and there is no forced labour at their premises.

Similarly, Vceela makes sure that our associated sellers and their workers are working in a good working environments for its workers. They implement ethical code of conduct at their premises. They  deal properly with such incidents, if happen, such as unethical behaviour, misconduct, sexual harassment or illegal activities according to their defined policies and national laws.

We value our customers in case they report any such incidences happening at premises of any of our associated sellers. Vceela would take appropriate actions against the accused, if found guilty, without revealing customer identify.

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